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Forbes Suggests Steve Jobs as Disney CEO

Forbes Suggests Steve Jobs as Disney CEO

by , 5:00 AM EDT, October 29th, 2004

Forbes Magazine Editor Steve Forbes believes Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs is the best candidate to succeed Michael Eisner as CEO of The Walt Disney Co.

Writing in his weekly opinion column, Mr. Forbes said, "(Mr.) Jobs knows high tech, Hollywood and finances as few Hollywood moguls do, and he knows the critical importance of creativity. Jobs' understanding of technology would be crucial.... Jobs understands that when we get true broadband in this country, the Internet will radically change radio and TV broadcasting, just as it's already changing telephony and the distribution of music and videos."

Mr. Forbes said he believes Mr. Jobs could do both jobs at Disney and Apple. He didn't explain or suggest Mr. Jobs stay as CEO of Pixar.

"Walt Disney himself was an artistic genius. The Disney company needs that kind of vision again. Steve Jobs can provide it," he wrote.

Over the past year, Mr. Eisner has faced votes of "no confidence" from investors, surrendering his chairman title in 2003 to calm fears. Former Disney board members Roy Disney and Stanley Gold publicly campaigned for the ouster of Mr. Eisner. Mr. Eisner was criticized for what many called his corporate gaffs, including friction between Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, led by Mr. Jobs, who last year announced they would end their licensing arrangement with Disney. On August 10, Mr. Eisner announced he would leave Disney in 2006 when his contract expires.

Mr. Jobs has made no comment about his level of interest in the Dinsey job.

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