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Apple Confirms More UK Retail Stores Coming; Additional Locations in Europe

TMO Reports - Apple Confirms More UK Retail Stores Coming; Additional Locations in Europe

by , 9:00 AM EST, November 18th, 2004

LONDON -- Apple Computer confirmed Thursday it plans to open two additional Apple retail stores in the United Kingdom in 2005 - one in Birmingham, northwest of central London, and the other in Kent, about an hour south of London.

Apple's senior vice president of retail Ron Johnson confirmed the company will also be opening additional stores in other European countries, but refused to give additional details of locations.

Mr. Johnson said he hopes to have the UK stores open "as soon as possible", but would not be tied down to specific dates. He said progress was being made on their construction, but would not give details.

The Birmingham location will be in the Bullring mall complex, while the Kent location will be in the Bluewater shopping complex, Mr. Johnson said.

Mr. Johnson was on hand in London for a press preview event at its new London retail store on Regent Street, which will open this Saturday, November 20.

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