U2 iPod Makes Appearance on Saturday Night Live

by , 7:00 AM EST, December 13th, 2004

Apple's iPod U2 Special Edition (US$349 - Apple Store) made an appearance on this weekend's Saturday Night Live, one week after pop group U2 itself was on the show. The iPod appeared in a segment featuring Irish actor Colin Ferrell as U2's Bono being interviewed on a (fake) Univision TV show by Fred Armisen, who was playing his Venezuelan comedian character named "Fericito."

While U2 itself didn't hold up or show their special edition iPod during the band's musical appearance on Saturday Night Live last week, Colin Ferrell's version of Bono held the new black and red iPod up during the segment, and mentioned that it will hold 5,000 songs.

Screen shot from SNL featuring Colin Ferrell as U2's Bono,
and the iPod U2 Special Edition

Other jokes from the segment included a discussion of why Bono counts "1, 2, 3, 14" in Spanish during the intro for the band's song "Vertigo."

The Mac Observer Spin:

It was a short, but nice plug for the special edition iPod.