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Jobs Shows Podcast-ready iTunes Beta; Release in Next 60 Days (UPDATE)

TMO Reports - Jobs Shows Podcast-ready iTunes Beta; Release in Next 60 Days (UPDATE)

by , 7:30 AM EDT, May 23rd, 2005

Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs showed built-in Podcasting features in a new version of its iTunes software Sunday, promising its availability within the next two months.

O'Reilly Radar reports Mr. Jobs made the announcement during his keynote address at the Wall Street Journal's D Conference, currently underway outside San Diego, Calif.

Mr. Jobs described the new version as having the ability to play and manage podcasts. It is not known if he simply described the iTunes update, or demonstrated it.

When asked if Apple might create paid content, Mr. Jobs replied that Apple was only considering free content at this time. Mr. Jobs said Podcasts developers will be given the opportunity to submit their broadcasts to Apple for consideration and that the company will pick a seleected list to add to the iTunes software list.

Mr. Jobs also spoke about the prospect of iTunes on phones, saying it's more difficult to build a product and service when it requires partnerships with a number of other companies, including Motorola and other major mobile phone providers.

The Apple CEO made his first comments since quietly announcing last week the bundling of video clips with music on the iTunes Music Store (iTMS), saying it was to help music studios promote and sell more content. When asked if Apple will one day sell movies online, he said "I'm going to have to leave that answer to our actions in the future."

Also in attendance at the conference was former MTV disc jockey and unofficial Podcast inventor Adam Curry who reported in his Sunday audio log that Mr. Jobs "guarantee(d)" him future version of the iPod would also allow users to record content. "I can guarantee you that's going to happen sometime in the near future," Mr. Curry said.

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