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Jobs Backs Out of Paris Expo Keynote

TMO Reports - Jobs Backs Out of Paris Expo Keynote

by , 7:30 AM EDT, September 5th, 2005

Apple CEO Steve Jobs will not make the formal keynote presentation at this year's Apple Expo Paris as previously announced, a show spokeswoman confirmed Monday. The company gave no formal reason for the cancellation.

"I can confirm Steve Jobs will not be addressing show attendees," said Apple Expo communications director Marie Laranjeira. "There will not be a keynote address by anyone." All references the keynote address have been removed from the show's Web site. A short message confirms the cancellation.

Ms. Laranjeira told The Mac Observer that Apple told show organizers of his decision not to do a formal keynote presentation over the weekend. She would not comment on whether or not Apple had given a reason for the cancellation.

An Apple spokesman told that Mr. Jobs, along with Apple's executive team, would be at the show to talk with members of the media. Apple also gave no reason for the cancellation. A French-language press release from Apple's Paris-based offices also confirmed the cancellation, did not mention Mr. Jobs' name, and gave no further explanation, other than to promote the event.

This is the second year in a row Mr. Jobs has backed out of doing the keynote address at the Paris Expo, which begins Tuesday, September 20. Last year, Apple's senior vice president of hardware product marketing, Phil Schiller, stood in for Mr. Jobs, who was recovering from pancreatic cancer surgery.

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