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A Tablet Mac, But Not From Apple

A Tablet Mac, But Not From Apple

by , 1:25 PM EST, February 20th, 2006

Mac users have been clamoring for a tablet-based Mac for some time now, and is hoping to fill that niche. According to ZDNet, the company has developed an after-market conversion that turns a standard iBook G4 into a tablet Mac called iTab.

The iTab replaces the iBook display with a touch-screen that's attached where the keyboard and trackpad should be. It includes a stylus in lieu of a mouse, along with all of the accessories and software that the iBook ships with.

The concept is great, but there are a couple of issues to be aware of. First, converting an iBook into an iTab voids Apple's warranty. Second, the new touch-screen display isn't compatible with Apple's InkWell technology. To enter text, you need to purchase KeyStrokes from AssistiveWare, which adds US$299 to the iTab's price tag. plans to sell 100 iTabs. As Apple upgrades the iBook, the company will produce 100 more based on the new iBook design. Each unit is being sold on eBay with a starting bid at $1,500.

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