A Little USBling For Your Mac

by , 11:00 AM EST, March 2nd, 2006

White Lake is rolling out a new USB memory stick at CeBIT on March 9. The luxury USB memory stick is 14 carat gold and has five diamonds mounted on its surface. A diamond-free model will also be available, along with an 18 carat gold version. White Lake hasn't said what storage capacities they will be available in. The 14 carat with diamonds model will sell for 2,950 (about US$3,516.69), or 2,400 without diamonds (about $2861.04). No pricing information is available on the 18 carat model yet.

A gold USB stick for your formal file sharing needs.

A gold plated, diamond encrusted USB stick is sure to make an impression at your next staff meeting. Bling, bling.