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New Yahoo! Site Doesn't Support Safari [UPDATED]

New Yahoo! Site Doesn't Support Safari [UPDATED]

by , 11:45 AM EDT, May 17th, 2006

Yahoo! plans on transitioning to a new home page soon, but it currently doesn't support Safari. The public preview of the new Yahoo! site displays a message that says "Thanks for your interest in the sneak preview of the new Yahoo! home page. Unfortunately, you're using a browser we don't support today."

A company representative told TMO that support will be added during the preview phase. "Before we roll this out," she explained, "we want to support the browsers used by the majority of our users, which includes Opera, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. That's very important to us."

She added that Yahoo! will be adding more functionality as the preview phase progresses. There is no date set for the official launch of the new home page.

The Yahoo! preview site shuts out Safari.

Although the Safari Web browser isn't currently supported, Firefox is. TMO tested the site with Safari 2.0.3, OmniWeb 5.1.3, Opera 8.52, Camino 1.0.1, and Firefox The preview version of the site would not display in Safari, OmniWeb, Opera, or Camino. It did, however, display and function correctly in Firefox.

Firefox displays the Yahoo! site just fine.

3:32 PM EST 5/17/06: Added information obtained from Yahoo! company representative. 1:50 PM EST 5/18/06: Clarified availability of Safari support, per additional communication from Yahoo! representative.

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