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The Prius-Mac mini Mobile

The Prius-Mac mini Mobile

by , 9:05 AM EDT, June 21st, 2006

The editors at TMO are always up for a good Mac hack, so we were especially pleased when we stumbled across an Autoblog story about someone that installed a Mac mini in their Toyota Prius. Jeremy Kusnetz, a systems architect from Leesburg, Virginia, managed to fit an Intel-based Mac mini in the car's center instrument console, and even reprogrammed the built-in touch-sensitive display to work as an interface for the computer.

Prius and mini: made for each other.

With a little help from Front Row, he has easy access to his music library, and his daughter can watch movies while on the road. You can see what it took to merge the car and computer at Mr. Kusnetz's Web site.

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