Apple Makes BusinessWeek Top 100 Tech List

by , 8:40 AM EDT, June 23rd, 2006

The annual BusinessWeek Info Tech 100 list is out, and this year Apple ranked number four. The Info Tech 100 is a list of the top 100 information technology companies world wide based on revenue of at least US$500 million, return on equity, shareholder return, and revenue growth. Last year, Apple took sixth place.

The report says "Apple has been so successful in recent years that it's almost boring, until you look at the numbers. As iPods become standard equipment for an increasing portion of the citizenry, the company's sales grew 56%, to $17.3 billion."

The iPod is credited for much of Apple's recent success, and looks to be a big part of the company's continued growth. "With no credible rival on the scene to steal its music thunder and with interest in the Mac rising fast, 2007 is shaping up just fine for CEO Steve Jobs."

First place went to Am�rica M�vil from Mexico. Hon Hai Precision from Taiwan, the company that manufactures iPods for Apple, was second. High Tech Computer, also from Taiwan took third place.