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Apple Sells Parallels in Stores [Updated]

Apple Sells Parallels in Stores [Updated]

by , 8:35 AM EDT, July 18th, 2006

Apple Computer may start selling Parallels Desktop in its retail stores. Software Journal reports that a boxed version of the virtualization software could also appear on shelves in CompUSA, Staples, Office Depot, Fry's Electronics and also at According to Infinite Loop, however, Parallels Desktop has been available in some Apple stores since July 15.

Parallels Desktop is proving to be a popular item at the New York SOHO Apple Store. It sold out the same day the software hit the shelves.

Parallels Desktop lets you run additional operating systems, like Windows XP, on Intel-based Macs while Mac OS X is running. Apple's free Boot Camp software lets you boot your Mac with either Mac OS X or Windows XP.

While Boot Camp can potentially offer better overall performance, Parallels Desktop has the advantage of letting you use Windows and Mac OS X at the same time.

[This article has been updated with additional information from Infinite Loop.]

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