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Apple's New Time Machine

TMO at WWDC - Apple's New Time Machine

by , 1:55 PM EDT, August 7th, 2006

Apple is adding a powerful new file backup and restoration feature to Mac OS X 10.5 called Time Machine. The feature lets you "go back in time" to find and recover any file - including system files - from your hard drive. It uses a slick 3D interface to locate and restore files, and you can choose what types of items Time Machine monitors.

Recovering a lost photo with Time Machine

TMO's editor in chief, Bryan Chaffin, said "This is definitely revolutionary, and that's not hyperbole."

Leopard users will be able to choose where their files are backed up, and when backups happen. Developers can add Time Machine compatibility to their applications, too.

The addition of Time Machine means users that have typically been wary of backing up their documents because of intimidating application interfaces will have a friendly and easy way to manage the process. It also appears that the sometimes arduous process of recovering lost files has been streamlined down to a few mouse clicks.

[This article has been updated with additional information about Time Machine.]

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