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Pics of Apple's New Intel-Based Mac Pro

TMO at WWDC - Pics of Apple's New Intel-Based Mac Pro

by , 6:45 PM EDT, August 7th, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO -- Apple announced the long-awaited Mac Pro Monday at its annual World Wide Developer Conference. The Mac Observer was on hand for the keynote from Steve Jobs (see our live WWDC keynote coverage for more information), and we were able to take the following images of Apple's new Intel-based pro desktop systems.

To the casual observer, they will appear to be the same unit as Apple's Power Mac G5 due to their resemblance on the outside. A closer look, however, shows that there is more room inside the units, more drive bays, and an entirely look and feel to the inside of the unit.

The Mac Pro with the side door open.
Note the four drive bay panels.

The two riser boards hold memory modules,
and come out for accessibility.
(Click the thumbnails for larger images.)
The drive bays can be snapped into place without the use of tools,
according to Apple.
(Click the thumbnails for larger images.)
The front of the new Mac Pro sports
two USB ports, a FireWire 800 port,
and a FireWire 400 port.
The back also features new ports.
(Click the thumbnails for larger images.)

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