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Apple's "Get a Mac" Commercials Turn Japanese

Apple's "Get a Mac" Commercials Turn Japanese

by , 4:15 PM EST, November 13th, 2006

Apple's "Get a Mac" campaign has been unleashed on Japan, with Japanese actors taking the place of John "I'm a PC" Hodgman and Justin "I'm a Mac" Long. Apple Japan has posted three commercials on its Web site, each "an almost exact translation" of the first three "Get a Mac" commercials launched in the U.S., according to a Japanese source that spoke with The Mac Observer.

Blog site Libation Kowloon noted that the actors playing the Mac and PC characters are from an act called R#hmens, with Jin Katagiri playing the PC. You can see Mr. Katagiri in the screen shot below doing his Japanese equivalent of the White Boy Two Step used to such great effect by John Hodgman in the English version of the iLife commercial.

For those keeping score at home, he's listening to "Eurobeat," as in generic House/Techno music, or so he says in the commercial.

Jin Katagiri gets his groove on as the "I'm a PC" character.


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