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Intel CEO: Apple Competitors Struggling to Keep Up

Intel CEO: Apple Competitors Struggling to Keep Up

by , 12:30 PM EST, March 6th, 2007

Intel CEO Paul Otellini told attendees at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference in San Francisco that Apple is charting the future of mobile computing devices with its iPhone. Unix, he said, is a superior platform for mobile devices compared to Microsoft Windows, according to Computing.

Mr. Otellini stated that Apple's iPhone, which runs a version of the Unix-based OS X, offers far more features than competing mobile phones. "Virtually every computer and handset manufacturer on the planet is struggling to figure out how to compete with Apple," he said.

Unix and Linux variants are currently much better options for the mobile handset market, he feels, and are much better than Windows Vista for the platform.

"The power performance footprint in terms of the kernel for Linux for ultra-mobile is quite good as opposed to the footprint for Vista," he said. "You can get Windows CE in there, but you sure can't get Windows Vista in there as a small kernel version."


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