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Apple Tech Docs Address Time Machine Problems

Apple Tech Docs Address Time Machine Problems

by , 3:45 PM EST, November 7th, 2007

Apple Inc. has released new support documents addressing issues that some Leopard users are encountering with Time Machine, Leopard's new backup technology. The first document addresses an issue where Time Machine stops backing up "after about 10 GB or more of data" has been backed up, while the second looks at users whose past backups may not appear in the "time travel" window.

Users on Apple's discussion boards have reported many instances of these and other problems relating to Time Machine use. One thread on the topic currently has 133 replies.

In document 306932, "Mac OS X 10.5: Time Machine stops backing up to external disk," Apple said that some disks will need to be erased and re-partitioned for Time Machine to be able to use the drive.

"Some hard disks ship with a Master Boot Record partiton type," the company wrote. "You will need to erase the external disk so that it is supported by Time Machine. Important: Erasing a disk deletes all files on it. Make sure that you have or make a copy of important files in another location first."

Directions say to use Disk Utility to erase the drive and to partition it using the "Apple Partition Map" partition scheme for PowerPC-based Macs, and the "GUID" scheme for Intel-based Macs.

For backups that don't appear, Apple said in document 306928, Mac OS X 10.5: Time Machine backups are not visible," that the problem could be related to having non-ASCII your computer's name.

According to the document, "Check your computer name in Sharing preferences. Make sure the computer name only includes ASCII characters from following set:




"If this is a new Mac, make sure the computer name uses the same as what was used on your previous Mac."

Earlier this week, Apple noted a conflict between Time Machine and Aperture, the company's professional photo management solution.

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