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$10M Says Apple Can Use Burst Patents

$10M Says Apple Can Use Burst Patents

by , 10:45 AM EST, November 26th, 2007

Apple and Burst finally settled their two-year long patent infringement battle. Apple got a non-exclusive license for Burst's patent portfolio, and Burst got a check for US$10 million.

Burst originally filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming the company was infringing on its patents with technology used in the iPod, QuickTime, iTunes, and the iTunes Store. Earlier in November 14, of the 36 claims were thrown out leaving 22 claims for Burst to pursue in court sometime in 2008.

Burst's legal fees in the case, however, will eat into the settlement Apple is paying. About $5.4 million of the $10 million will be used to cover the company's legal costs.

Apple isn't the first company Burst has sued over patent infringement. The company previously went after Microsoft which ultimately led to a $60 million lump sum license settlement from the Redmond company.

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