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Microsoft: No VirtualPC for Leopard

Microsoft: No VirtualPC for Leopard

by , 2:10 PM EST, December 12th, 2007

For those who still need to run Virtual PC on their PowerPC-based Macs, Microsoft has made it official. There will be no support for VirtualPC in Leopard for PowerPC Macs. The latest (and last) version of Virtual PC for Tiger is 7.0.3.

Recently, there were discussions on the Apple Support Forum about Microsoft's support for VirtualPC under Leopard on the older PowerPC-based Macs. TMO asked Microsoft about it.

A spokesperson for Microsoft told TMO on Wednesday: We "wanted to let you know that we will not support VPC running on PPC Macs with Leopard. The Mac BU has moved on to focus on native Mac software, especially Office 2008."

VPC 7.0.3 is the last version which runs under Tiger. Of course, for Intel Macs, there are much better solutions for running Windows, either with Boot Camp or virtualization. However, for those with older PPC Macs who need to continue running VPC, upgrading to Leopard is not an option on a single boot system.

The chart below summarizes the four possible options.

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