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Cringely Sticks to Windows Apps in Mac OS X Prediction

Cringely Sticks to Windows Apps in Mac OS X Prediction

by , 3:35 PM EST, January 4th, 2008

In his "I, Cringely" column at on Friday, Robert X. Cringely has reiterated his belief that Apple is working on a mechanism to allow Windows applications to run natively within Mac OS X.

Amongst his predictions for 2008, Mr. Cringely said, "Apple will build into some Macs support for the Windows API, allowing Mac and Windows apps to run side by side with no need for virtualization software except to run Linux. This fits with Apple's surprising new role as a competitor to HP and Dell for the business workstation market. But what's REALLY surprising about this is it will all be with the permission of Microsoft, which will still get a license fee from Apple, though in this case it is for just licensing the API and promising not to keep any of the APIs secret."

Other sites have previously suggested that because code was found in Leopard that loads PE files and requests Windows DLL files that the ground work for this technology is being laid by Apple.

Recently, Daniel Dilger at Roughly Drafted weighed in on this scenario , the old Red Box system, and concluded that there would be severe technical issues related to such technology. After all, Apple had its work cut out delivering the Blue Box (Classic) in Mac OS X, and it owned both of those technologies. Moreover, Mr. Dilger suggested that Apple would be loathe to upset Parallels and VMware.

TMO contacted Mr. Cringely who said that he has independent evidence that allows him to stick to this prediction. At this point, only time will tell.

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