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C|Net: Macworld Will Lead Tech Out of the Desert

C|Net: Macworld Will Lead Tech Out of the Desert

by , 1:05 PM EST, January 11th, 2008

Each year, CES leaves its visitors exhausted as they trek all over Las Vegas listening to hours of boring keynotes. Right after that, comes Macworld in which Steve Jobs makes everyone forget all about CES, according to Tom Krazit at C|Net. Apple owns mid-January.

While over 140,000 people attend CES, Macworld will likely only pull 40,000 people. Even so, " last year, Tuesday's Macworld announcements will probably overshadow anything announced in the Nevada desert," Mr. Krazit wrote.

However, it's hard for Apple to keep up the buzz and this year, according to Mr. Krazit, that buzz doesn't seem ready to climb the same heights reached last year. Everyone thinks they know what Apple will reveal, despite no lapse in Apple secrecy: Smaller notebooks with flash drives, a revamped Apple TV, and an iTunes movie rental agreement with some major Hollywood studios.

However, given that Apple has already made one early announcement, "there's no way Jobs can talk about notebooks and movies for the scheduled 90 minutes, and some feel that this week's introduction of the Mac Pro and Xserve was done to free up some time in his keynote for something else."

What that something else may be is anyone's guess. Chances are, however, it'll be a lot more exciting than anything that happened at CES this week.

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