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AnandTech Evaluates Penryn-based MacBooks

AnandTech Evaluates Penryn-based MacBooks

by , 4:00 PM EST, February 29th, 2008

In an exhaustive technical evaluation published Friday, AnandTech has looked at what's new in the new Penryn-based MacBooks, how they perform compared to the Merom and Yonah generations and the battery life. The extensive report has fifteen chapters.

The article starts with some background on the Intel CPU architectures and design principles. A photo shows how much smaller the 45 nm process mobile Penryn is than the previous 65 nm process Merom. The article goes on to cover much, more as shown in the pop up of the 15 chapter article below.

Article Table of Contents

Those customers who are evaluating the new MacBooks will find the article to be a great technical starting point to see how the MacBook series has evolved. As expected, the improvements are incremental, but if a customer has skipped a few generations, those improvements can really add up.

Anandtech: Sample Article Performance Chart

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