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Apple Employees Give Steve Jobs a 91% Approval Rating

Apple Employees Give Steve Jobs a 91% Approval Rating

by , 2:15 PM EDT, June 20th, 2008

The freshly launched Glassdoor Web site could leave company bosses worried about their reputation, but not Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The Web site lets employees rate their managers, and so far Apple staffers are giving Mr. Jobs a 91 percent approval rating, according to Seeking Alpha.

Glassdoor lets employees rate the companies they work for, share salary information, and post their own company reviews anonymously. Employees that are happy with Apple have said things like "Awesome company, unforgettable experience, totally worthwhile endeavor," and "The most fun job in IT. Also, the most frustrating job in IT."

Employees that are less than enamored with the Cupertino company, however, have left comments like "Lower your expectations when it comes to working at Apple," and "Good job, dead end career."

The high ranking Mr. Jobs has earned from the 161 employees and former employees hasn't been matched by his peers. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer earned a 55 percent approval rating, and Dell CEO Michael Dell scored 66 percent. Google CEO Eric Schmidt came in closer with an 86 percent approval rating.

"Quit trying to buy your future spending the hard-earned wealth of your past and re-energize the talent you have left to create that future," offered on Microsoft employee. "Who knows, you might even attract back some of the brain power you've squandered."

Another employee commented "I was forewarned on my very first day: beware of politics. Microsoft is politics. Every decision is a political decision. Everyone treads lightly for fear of lawsuits. The unofficial company motto might be: 'Do The Right Thing' (TM), but --in truth-- it's more of a 'For the Love of Bill, Whatever You Do, Don't Do The Wrong Thing.'"

In contrast, the high approval rating Mr. Jobs has earned may bode well for the company's future. The Mac and iPod maker is producing popular products, and is also popular with the media and the public right now. If the company can capitalize on the productivity of satisfied employees and keep the public happy, too, it will likely continue to crank out must-have products that pad the company's bottom line.

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