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Gartner: Australia a Leader in Macintosh Growth

Gartner: Australia a Leader in Macintosh Growth

by , 2:45 PM EDT, August 20th, 2008

Gartner has reported that in Australia Mac market share growth is amongst the highest in the world. In the second quarter, Mac market share was 5.3 percent, up from a share of 3.8 percent a year ago. IDC puts the number even higher at 6.2 percent, and Apple could have double-digit market share in Australia in just a few years.

John O'Brien assessed the market for the Couriermail and noted that Australia will be close behind when the Mac market share goes double digits in the U.S.

As in the U.S., Macs are more popular in the consumer market than in the business market. The result is an overall market share still in single digits. However, when looking at the consumer market, the number is much better.

Gary Neville, the general manager for David Jones, a retail outlet in Sydney, said Macs accounted for 17 per cent of the retail market, though this does not include online sales.

The factors driving this adoption are the classic four that have been in effect in the U.S. 1) iPod halo effect, 2) Intel processors and virtualization, 3) increased product visibility and 4) widespread dissatisfaction with Windows security, stability and usability.

"Apple's controversial 'Get a Mac' ad campaign has crystallised the Mac's advantages over Windows in a humorous, engaging way," Mr. O'Brien added.

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