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Apple Claims Canadian School's Logo Infringes on Apple's Trademark

Apple Claims Canadian School's Logo Infringes on Apple's Trademark

by , 4:55 PM EDT, October 7th, 2008

The Victoria School of Business and Technology in B.C., Canada was sent a letter by Apple's local legal representation Baker & McKenzie claiming that the school's logo violates Apple's trademark. The school disagrees and has also invited readers of their Website to vote on the matter.

"We strongly disagree and say so in our reply letter. Whether you agree with Apple, or say no you don't agree we invite you to vote, and/or post your comments. We don't have their deep pockets for a legal fight so we thought we would let the public bear witness and see if Apple might learn to play nice ... not that we are naive, but hey, they may surprise us," the school's Website said.

The school posted the logos side by side to invite comment.

The site also posted a copy of Apple's original letters and the school's response in addition to various news stories on the matter. A local story in the Victoria News suggests that because the school has so many Macs and is a big fan of the company, Apple will reconsider. If similar cases in the past prove as a guide, that likely won't matter.

Of note is the fact that the VSBT logo has a mark that indicates a registered Canadian Trademark.

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