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Since 2015 Andrew has been writing about Apple, privacy, security, and at one point even Android. You can find him most places online under the username @andrewornot.

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Book Review: Before Orwell’s 1984 There Was ‘We’

What I was most interested to learn about We is that it’s considered the grandfather of dystopian fiction. It was written by Yevgeny Zamyatin around 1920-1921. This was way before the more well-known dystopian novels like Brave New World and 1984. You read books like 1984 and Animal Farm in high school, but I didn’t learn about We until I stumbled upon it on my own. It’s set in the future. In this society, there are no individuals, just numbers. The One State is a mass surveillance society in which everyone lives in glass apartments so they can be monitored. Our protagonist, number D-503, is an engineer writing a journal that he wants to be sent into space with the newly-built spaceship Integral. One day he meets a woman, I-330, and most of the story is his interactions with her. Apple Books: US$6.99

LEGO Builder’s Journey Launches on Apple Arcade

LEGO has released a new game exclusively for Apple Arcade called LEGO Builder’s Journey. It’s a puzzle game in a LEGO world with high-quality renderings of LEGO elements. I’m impressed with the screenshots and accompanying video. This is like HD LEGOs.

Throughout the narrative, there will be ups and downs, challenges and celebrations. Take the time to experiment, and most importantly, to play as figuring out who we are and what we become is the Builder’s Journey.

Apple Arcade is available for US$4.99/month or US$49.99/year.

267 Million Facebook IDs, Phone Numbers Exposed

A database that contained over 267 million Facebook user IDs, phone numbers, and IDs was discovered on the web. It wasn’t password-protected.

Comparitech partnered with security researcher Bob Diachenko to uncover the Elasticsearch cluster. Diachenko believes the trove of data is most likely the result of an illegal scraping operation or Facebook API abuse by criminals in Vietnam, according to the evidence.

Diachenko immediately notified the internet service provider managing the IP address of the server so that access could be removed. However, Diachenko says the data was also posted to a hacker forum as a download.

Adobe Capture Adds Color Shapes and Pattern Builder

Adobe added two big features to the Adobe Capture app. Color Shapes lets you add colors vector shapes to a document in the app, then save to your Creative Cloud library. Pattern Builder lets you create patterns from those vector shapes in your library.

Capture in action. Use your mobile device to turn photos into color themes, patterns, type, materials, brushes, and shapes. Then find those assets in CC Libraries, located right in your favorite desktop and mobile apps — including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dimension, XD, and Photoshop Sketch — to use them in all your creative projects.

Download the app here.

Logitech Offers 4K Magnetic Webcam for Pro Display XDR

Logitech created a 4K magnetic webcam specifically for Apple’s Pro Display XDR you can use with the 2019 Mac Pro. Apple didn’t include a webcam in the display, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It will be used in environments like music studios where people cover up the webcams anyway. But Logitech’s solution is elegant, with an anodized aluminum finish that won’t look out of place with on Apple device. The magnet is strong enough to stay on even if you put the XDR display in portrait mode, and the screen image will automatically rotate along with it. You can buy it for US$199.

Apple Shares ‘Little America’ Trailer Coming to TV+

Premiering on January 17, 2020, Little America is an anthology series to share the true stories of immigrants. Apple shared a trailer for the series on its YouTube channel.

“Little America,” is written and executive produced by Lee Eisenberg (“The Office,” Good Boys), who serves as showrunner, and executive produced by Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick, “Silicon Valley”), Emily V. Gordon (The Big Sick), Alan Yang (“Master of None,” “Parks and Recreation”), Sian Heder (Tallulah, “Orange Is the New Black”), Joshuah Bearman (Argo), Joshua Davis (Spare Parts) and Arthur Spector (The Shack). Heder also serves as co-showrunner alongside Eisenberg.