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3D Touch Can Be a Big Time Saver, Here's How to Get Started

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Clear All Notifications with 3D Touch

3D Touch has all sorts of little conveniences around iOS that can add up to big time savers. If you haven’t used it much though, David Chartier put together a list of some great places to start.

The Blossoming New World of Apple Watch Apps

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Apple Watch app screenshots

Thanks to some big improvements in watchOS 3, the app experience on Apple Watch is actually getting pretty good. Here are just a few of the apps that changed the face of my Watch faces.

Quick Apple Watch Tip: Get to know the new App Dock

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watchOS 3 App Dock

The new App Dock in watchOS 3 makes some huge improvements to the Watch’s app experience. Here’s why, how to use it, and how to add your most important apps to it.

Dear Apple: Your Products Are Thin Enough Already. Stop it

· David Chartier · Editorial

Phil Schiller comparing MacBook Pro Thinness at

It is possible to obsess too much over a single tree at the expense of the forest. David Chartier argues Apple has done this when it comes to making devices thinner, and that it’s time for that to stop.

iOS 10: How to Secure Your Lock Screen

· David Chartier · How-To

iOS 10 Lock Screen

The lock screen is more powerful and convenient than ever in iOS 10. But this also means it might make more information and sensitive options available at a swipe, before your device even unlocks. Here are a few ways to lock down your lock screen to show only what it should.

iOS 10: Apps are Gaining 3D Touch Widgets and They're Freakin Sweet

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3D Touch is pretty useful, though you might need to spend some time learning new muscle memory for it. In iOS 10, it gets even more useful with a new trick when strong pressing an app’s icon: 3D Touch widgets.

iOS 10: Walkthrough of iOS 10's New Lock Screen

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iOS 10 Today Screen

The lock screen in iOS 10 may not seem that different. But Apple added both big and subtle changes that really make a difference, as long as you’re willing to pick up some new habits.

Music for iOS 10: A Tour of the Big Changes

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Now Playing in iOS 10

Music for iOS 10 gets a complete revamp, and for the better. Quite a bit has changed, disappeared, and improved. Dave Chartier offers his guide to getting acquainted with this key piece of iOS 10 software.

9 Great New 'Little' iOS 10 Features

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New iOS 10 features

Each major iOS release brings big headline features. But it also brings a number of small features that make big improvements in their own ways. iOS 10 is no exception, so let’s explore some of our early finds from the public betas.