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Surprise! iPad Mini 6 Has Smaller Usable Display

· Frank Cioffi · Editorial

2021 iPad mini 6

Frank Cioffi is a big fan of Apple’s iPad mini, but was surprised to find that even though the display is bigger diagonally with the new iPad mini 6, the way that real estate is used makes for less actual usable space in some key areas.

AAPL Blows Past $300 - What’s Next?

· Frank Cioffi · Analysis

What a ride this has been for AAPL, but financial headlines rarely tell the whole story. Frank Cioffi looks at what’s ahead for Apple.

iPad Mini – What A Difference A Month Makes

· Frank Cioffi · Editorial

iPad mini 5

What’s fascinating to Frank Cioffi is how quickly sentiment towards the iPad Mini’s viability changed in the weeks since the refresh appeared.