What Were the Best Apple Apps of 2018?

In today’s digital world, we use apps on a daily basis and for all sorts of purposes. For those with Apple devices, there are many excellent apps covering all sorts of categories and genres. Whether you are using your device at home or using a mobile hotspot, you can access a huge range of iOS apps with ease and convenience these days.

No matter what sort of app you are looking for, you will find a huge range that can be downloaded onto Apple devices. Many of these apps are free while others are available at a nominal cost. You can get apps for all Apple devices including the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. In fact, the tech giant has recently released a list of its winning apps across these devices for 2018.

The Main Apple App Winners

So, which apps came out on top when it comes to Apple devices? Well, the details released by Apple were for general apps and games apps for the various Apple devices. Many were surprised by the results of the gaming apps, as some had expected very different winners to the ones that were actually announced.

For the Apple iPhone, the winning app for games was Donut County. The gaming app of the year for the iPad was Gorogoa while for the Mac, the gaming app of the year was named as The Gardens Between. For those with Apple TVs, the top gaming app named by Apple was Altos’ Odyssey. Of course, there are many excellent gaming apps for all Apple devices but these are the ones that were named winner by the tech giant.

In terms of general apps, Apple also named the winners across its various devices. The iPad App of the Year was named as Froggipedia while the Mac App of the Year was Pixelmator Pro. The App of the Year for the Apple TV was Sweat. The company said that it focused its results and awards on productivity and innovative apps, which may have had an impact on the results.

Rising Popularity of Gaming Apps

Over recent years, the world of apps has exploded in terms of popularity, availability, and accessibility. People can now access a huge range of gaming apps to suit all tastes and preferences as well as for different devices and operating systems. From simple puzzle games through to multi-player games, there are many different options available for those with Apple devices.

In addition to the wide range of gaming apps that are available for Apple devices, there are also apps covering pretty much every other category you can think of. People are now able to access Apple apps for everything from lifestyle and entertainment through to business and education. The collection of apps available for Apple devices continues to grow and has expanded hugely over the years. This growth is set to continue as Apple and smart device users in general continue to make use of the variety of apps.