Tips To Find The Best Black Friday Sales In Australia 2019

It’s that time of the year again, and everyone can’t wait for all the savings on Black Friday. There will be massive price cuts across the board, and significant outlets are already preparing for the influx of shoppers that have been preparing all year.

Today we take a look at how you can find the best Black Friday sale opportunities in Australia!

Find Out What Your Favorite Brands Will Be Doing

Shoppers should be on the lookout for their favorite brands that are announcing significant sales a week before Black Friday. This could be as simple as checking out their websites or calling the shop a week before to ask what types of deals they will be having on the day itself.

However, the search shouldn’t stop there; aside from checking what the brands themselves will be planning, you should also check out what major retailers will be doing with those brands on Black Friday itself.

Comparing all these prices allows the buyer to have a better handle on the best prices they can buy certain items for. By doing the research beforehand, a shopper can make even more considerable savings on the purchases that they will be making.

Check Coupon Sites And Other Extra Discounts

It’s not just brands and major retailers that will be abuzz come Black Friday, but coupon and discount sites as well. Shoppers should also be searching major coupon sites for what products or brands they want discounts for. These sites might be able to provide extra discounts for shoppers.

Another great thing about coupon sites is that they will already have collated all the information on various brands on their website itself. Brands are easily searchable, and you can get your hands on great deals quickly.

Check if you can pair up these discounts with another one that’s available.

Another quick tip: If you want to make the most out of your purchase, you could also take advantage of cash backs.

Check Out Review Sites

Many review sites make their revenue through referral links online, and one way to get the best deals is to pay attention to what these sites will be offering.

Some review sites might even have exclusive deals for their visitors. What’s more, these review sites can also offer you other tips on saving money.

The products that these sites have will have already been reviewed for you, and it makes for an exciting opportunity to learn about a product straight from an expert. However, it is still advisable that you do your due diligence before purchasing online.

Watch Out For Early Bird Sales

Early bird sales are still one of the best ways for any shopper to save time when buying a product on Black Friday. There will be a lot of ads for early bird sales, and you can do a quick internet search to find a few.

Many of these great deals can help save you time from queuing and waiting on the day itself. Moreover, you will also find that these deals might be able to give you more savings than regular savings available.

Shop For Features, Not Specific Products

People might be tempted to look for a particular television or entertainment gadget that they had their eye on for a while; this is especially the case when shopping for computers, but there’s a potential problem with limiting yourself to one brand.

Specific products might not be on sale, and this can be disappointing. Instead of looking for specific models—especially with electronics—shoppers should be on the lookout for particular features instead. For example, if you’re on the lookout for a specific gaming laptop, it helps to look for the specifications instead of the model itself.

In this way, you give yourself more flexibility to find items with the features you’re looking for.

Look At What Other Retailers Are Doing

Before deciding to make a purchase, check out how much the product will cost in other large online retailers. Since online shops have an extensive inventory of goods, they could be providing lower prices.

It also helps to check out how much a product will cost in smaller retail sites before you even decide to purchase an item. This practice has helped a lot of people make price comparisons on different products.


There are many ways to scout out the best deals this coming Black Friday, and all it takes is a little research beforehand and some planning to make sure you are making the most out of all the deals.

Be sure to check out the store policies and your credit card company if you’re getting any cashback promotions. This will add to the savings that you will be making in the long run.