The Best Bingo Apps for iOS Users

The number of games available on the App Store for iOS devices grows every day and there are thousands of games for players to choose from. You can look here to see the data for yourself; as of Q3 2018 (the months between September and December 2018), there were 312,825 gaming apps for iOS devices.

A good amount of these are bingo apps, with the popularity of the card-marking and number-matching game rising rapidly due to the accessibility of bingo games on digital devices. While this is great for the growth of the game and it is helping to introduce bingo to a new audience, it also makes it that much more difficult to know which is the best bingo app on iOS.

Sun Bingo 

The Sun Bingo app for iOS devices has been created and maintained by one of the UK’s best-known bingo brands. You need only check here to learn that The Sun is the most widely read newspaper in the UK, with 33.3 million people reading its newspaper and visiting the website.

The Sun Bingo app enjoys that same popularity and new players enjoy its various bingo offers including bonuses when they deposit money. It also helps that there are lots of different games for players to enjoy including Deal or No Deal Bingo, which is a bingo game based on the massively popular, box-picking gameshow as well as Rainbow Riches Bingo. Additionally, The Sun Bingo app features the latest games by Playtech, which is a major plus point for the online bingo provider. Read more here on why Playtech is a leading bingo game developer but, in short, it’s because it regularly releases high-quality bingo games, many of which feature on The Sun Bingo app.

Bingo Blitz

The Bingo Blitz app for iOS is also a popular choice for players, largely thanks to its collaborations and its character. The Bingo Blitz app has a mascot named “Blitzy,” who is a blue, hat-wearing cat. This host asks players to come and join his “bingo party” and, while it may seem whimsical, it works. It lets players know that it is a lively and entertaining bingo game experience.

Players of the iOS app can play Blitzy’s Trattoria, which sees players traveling around the bingo map, playing bingo to collect ingredients to make Italian-American dishes of food. The game also features an appearance by TV chef Guy Fieri, which suggests just how engaging the Bingo Blitz app can be.

Bingo Pop

A more traditional take on bingo gaming, however, is Bingo Pop. Developed by Jam City, this bingo app for iOS devices provides a classic bingo experience. There are several different stages (including those that can be enjoyed offline), such as the beach-themed Seashell Paradise and the cowboy-themed Salty Spur. There are more than 20 of these levels and Jam City regularly updates the game with new stages too.

Players also enjoy Bingo Pop’s themed events and the power-ups. With themed events, there are prizes including unlockable “gem pets” and daubers (used for marking a number on a bingo card). The collection events are regularly updated too, making it well worth your while to become a regular Bingo Pop player.

The iOS gaming and bingo app scenes are set to grow rapidly and you can just click here to see why. The App Store has made more than $40 billion since it was founded and many developers want to get in on that. That’s good news for you, however, as it means that the list of great bingo apps will grow too.