The best new games for iOS you can play in spring 2019

It has been a bit silent time for game lovers whose devices are running on iOS. Luckily, those days are over as this spring brings us plenty of new games for iOS that you can enjoy right after finishing with this article. So let’s go!

Rest in Pieces

The first thing you need to know about this game is that it is absolutely free. Also, it is one of the most popular games ever released for iOS operating system. What is fascinating about it is that it is quite simple; basically it is a pendulum game where the latter is presented in a form of a small porcelain doll that you have to protect from all the creatures around.

Rush Rally 3

Everyone loves racing games, especially when they have nice graphics. This is a continuation of the Rush Rally series that combines both of these qualities in it. The new version got better performance characteristics and high responsiveness. Therefore, the process became even more realistic. Unfortunately, this game is not free, however we can assure you that it is worth every cent.


This game found such huge popularity among iOS users that it is soon to be released on Android platform. The game has very pleasant visuals and interesting storyline. More than just that, if you decide to open your own website, this game’s colors might give you plenty of design ideas for it. While playing you will have to solve numerous puzzles and unveil secrets.

Immortal Rogue 

If you love vintage 80-s style just as much as we do, this game will definitely become one of your favorites. Neon lights and synthy music are bringing back memories from those days. Not to mention, that it also has a decent plot. You will be playing for an ancient vampire who needs to feed himself to survive. However, not all his victims will fall willingly…

Reigns: Game of Thrones 

There is hardly a person these days that has not heard of this popular TV show. You will enjoy this game even more, if you are a true fan. Based on an original script, it allows you to sink deep into the storyline of Seven Kingdoms and play for your favorite characters.

Meteorfall: Journey

It is a great adventure game, however it might not look the way you expect it to. The thing is that its plot is rather based on logical answers and playing cards than sinking into adventures. That does not mean that you cannot have fun with it! This game is a lot like Tinder, you have to make swipes left or right in order to beat a monster or not.


Continuing the topic of card games, we would like to present you with this masterpiece. It has a unique plot. According to it, you have been immersed in a magical world where for some reason all battles are being conducted through card games. However, these are not ordinary cards, they have superpowers and energies and so many other things. You just have to try it.

Exploding Kittens

We bet you are already fascinated by the name of this game. And you should be! This is in many ways a Russian Roulette. However, you are not risking anything in this one. Except…for kittens. We will not let out all little secrets of this game, just keep in mind that it involves cards and is suitable for multiplayer. Give it a try to find out more.

Marginalia Hero

The best thing about this game is that its plot revolves around Medieval times. Which at some point starts reminding you of Game of Thrones style. However, in this one you will not have to kill anyone. Just try to hit the target with a sword on a given time and you might win.


Mobile games are a great time killer, especially if you are going somewhere or just bored at work. We hope that this list of the best new games for iOS that you can play in spring of 2019 will really help you out with choosing that perfect ‘time killer’ for yourself.