Best Rural or Remote Boosters for Car and RV

If you’re constantly on the move, whether it’s in your car or RV, you probably experience problems with maintaining a reliable cell phone signal when you’re in rural or remote areas.

If you’re regularly in remote areas, and struggling to get good cell phone reception, you’ve probably found yourself trying every trick you can think of, like moving to an area unobstructed by trees and other tall objects, rolling down your vehicle windows and removing your phone’s case. However, these temporary fixes will only get you so far. If you want a real, reliable solution for better cellular signal while you’re in remote areas, then you should consider a cellular signal booster for your car or RV.

What is a signal booster?

A cellular signal booster works by capturing existing cellular signals through an exterior antenna, using a repeater to amplify the signal, and then rebroadcasting the stronger signal within a specified area. Signal boosters can be used in homes, offices, cars, recreational vehicles, boats, and nearly any other place where you want to ensure a strong, reliable cell phone signal.

A signal booster can’t create a signal where there isn’t one, but it can take very weak signals and amplify them to provide clearer calls, better connections, and fewer dropped calls. If you use your phone to use the internet while you’re on the road, a signal booster can also provide you with faster download speeds on data transfer.

Benefits of vehicle signal boosters

There are many benefits to having a signal booster in your car or RV.

No Dropped Calls

If you’re regularly traveling in areas with poor reception, you have probably experienced a lot of dropped calls. Improving signal strength with a vehicle signal booster will reduce the amount of dropped calls you experience while on the road, even in areas with very bad reception.

Clearer Calls

Low cellular signal strength can result in a variety of call problems, including voice distortions, echoes, line noise, garbled sound, choppy sound, muffled sound, and many more. A cellular signal booster will give you clearer calls and reduce the number of call distortions you experience.


If you experience a problem in a remote area and you have a poor cell phone signal, you might have trouble calling for help. A signal booster can help ensure you have the best possible chance at having a strong, reliable cell phone signal, regardless of where you are when you run into trouble.

Improved Battery Life

You may have noticed that your battery tends to get low more quickly when you’re traveling. That’s because when devices are constantly searching for signal in areas where the signal is poor, it can drain your device’s battery much faster than it should. In addition, stronger signals require less power to send and receive data and voice transmissions, meaning you can go longer between charges when you have a consistently strong signal.

How to choose the best signal booster for your car or RV

There are a lot of options on the market for cellular signal boosters for vehicles and RVs. So how do you choose the best one for you? Here are some things to consider when buying a signal booster for your vehicle.

Number of Devices and Coverage Area

Are you only interested in boosting signal for a single device, or several? How big is the area you want to boost coverage? Do you have a small sedan or a 40 foot RV? You’ll want to be sure the booster you choose is correctly sized for the vehicle in which you plan to use it. There’s no reason to spend more on a larger booster if you have a small car or just a single device. Likewise, you don’t want to purchase a booster that isn’t powerful enough, if you plan to use it in a large recreational vehicle.

Signal Specifics

What type of signal do you need to boost? The signal specifics will determine what kind of system you need. Do you want to boost 4G, 4G LTE, and 3G signals? Do you only want to boost service for a specific cellular carrier or do you want blanket boosted coverage? What devices do you want to work with the boosted signal? Some signal boosters only work for specific signals or carriers, so be sure you are clear on exactly how you’ll be using the boosted signal to ensure you get the right booster for your needs.


The cost of your signal booster will depend on a lot of factors, such as what size area you want to cover, and what type of signal you want to boost. If you’re unsure exactly which booster is right for your needs, consult the professionals at Wilson Amplifiers for the best recommendations for your vehicle.

Here are the best rural or remote signal boosters for cars and RVs.

For Cars:

weBoost Drive Reach

For RVs:

weBoost Drive X RV

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