Best Tech News Sites Worth a Cookie

Behind all the glitz and glamour of the newest smart TV, iPhone, electric cars, and so much more is news that can determine the fate of your future and technology. Do you wish that a few years ago you would have known that Tesla would become what it is today?

Perhaps if during that time you were paying close attention to the sites below, you would have been able to predict and keep track of where they were going. Because of situations such as those it is immensely important to stay on top of everything going on in the technological community.


Trends are what keep the world and society turning. You have to keep a close eye on what is happening around you, otherwise FOMO will start kicking in. Digitaltrends is one of the top places to go to ensure youll never miss out on any news technology-related.

They try their hardest to always keep you in the news loop, but their specialty lies in helping you make the best purchasing decision possible. With the right information, youll never have to second guess yourself because you know what to expect beforehand. That is why Digitaltrends provides a list of best products, buying guides, product reviews, downloads, and more. Head over to Digitaltrends here.

If youre looking for deeply reported news and articles TechCrunch has you covered. Without a doubt, anyone who is into technology or business is always on the lookout for their next article to come out. Out of all the tech sites they like to put a spotlight on the business side, which is of course just as important as the technology itself.

What makes them stand out the most is that they have created a special ecosystem where you can read up on businesses from across the globe near,or far. This feature has helped plenty of investors, researchers, speculators, and so many others get a better understanding of what is going on and what they can expect in the future of tech. Have a look a what is going on in the world of tech today.


If you are eyeing the latest gadget but not sure if it will be right for you, Engadget is where you can find all the answers youre looking for. Over the years, Engadget has been growing its good name mainly in the tech industry with news and reliable reviews.

Nevertheless, that is not the only thing that they have in store for you. Visit Engadget and youll be sucked into their universe that is full of details on specific tech products, helpful buyers guides, videos, gear, gaming, entertainment, and even some amazing deals. You can start doing all your research here.

They say when you hear the radar beeping youve come across something important. If thats true, the beeping would never end when you visit TechRadar. Theyve established themselves as the source for tech buying advice, and they are definitely staying true to their motto.

They want to make sure that you are sure about your purchase before it is even made. TechRadar hands out the news that may have you thinking twice, as well as reviews, and in-depth articles for any gadget or gizmo that pops into your head. Phones, TVs, wearables, fitness, VPN, and more all available in one place. Go get the answers youre looking for, here.


Like a spider, they are continuously working on making the strongest web possible. A web is full of so many details and information that youll be caught up in The Next Web like a fly. Nevertheless, in this case, you will be happy to be a fly because youll leave this page buzzing about all the new information youve come across.

TNW likes to distinguish itself from the rest by using terms that are specific to its site. For example, their Growth Quartersare all about providing news on what it takes to make your way in the tech industry. Or their Boostevents are here to boost your network and create a web of your own. Go check out what is new to The New Web today.

Bright Side of News is a no-beating around the bush type of news reporter. If there is something they believe will have a strong impact on your future they will cover it as quickly as possible, leaving you well informed.

Their center of gravity leans toward the latest news in technology, but given that tech consists of so many other categories, they also like to touch base on other relevant topics. Subjects such as electric cars, streaming, fintech, and VPN. Check out their Tech News category here.


Lucky number 7 on our list is a source known as Boy Genius Report. We believe their name is linked to the fact that youll be feeling like a genius after spending even 2 minutes on the site reading about what they have to say. They offer great insight and easy-to-read articles for all sorts of important technological matters.

They highly enjoy spilling the details on all tech-related news, but they understand that technology is such a wide term it needs to be spread out into different categories. Hence why they cover stories and share information about entertainment, business, science, lifestyle, and deals. Have a peek at Boy Genius Report here.

Your future depends on the technological advancements that are happening today. If you are not aware of what is going on, you might risk missing out big time. If this page is saved in your bookmarks, youll never have to worry about that because everything you need to know is all right here.

Without a doubt, Smartmobs does a great job reporting news that is highly relevant to the average tech user, as well as tech enthusiasts. They keep their news short and sweet, which is great because it will give you more time to search through the rest of the site and sections. Check out their Tech News category here.

You can think of this site as the online Disneyland for all things computer-related. Computerworld is under the ownership of one of the worlds best tech media companies, IDG (International Data Group). Therefore, it goes without saying that you will only find the best of the best computer information and insights at Computerworld.

Whats great about them is that given they are such a widespread company, they not only focus on the technology that is relevant to the US, but also other continents and countries (The Netherlands, Australia, India, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom). So if you can’t wait to see what is happening elsewhere, this is your chance. Find out everything you need to know here.

Whether you are an Apple fan or not, 9to5Mac is the ideal place to stay up to date on what is new and what you can expect for the future of Apple and iOS devices. If there was ever a place to go to find such specific details about an iPhone, watch, Apple music, and everything else that comes along with it, this is the place to go.

The great thing about specializing in one area of technology is that all their focus is put into providing even the smallest yet important details. You can stay ahead of the game and use your knowledge to make important investments for the future. See everything 9to5Mac has to offer here. 


Youd be surprised how many things in your life can be controlled with the click of a button. We live in a world where technology controls us more than we control it, which is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, weve never been more connected and productive. Just think how much time you save closing the garage door automatically, or by having a small robot vacuuming your house.

This is exactly what Lifewire is focused on, making your life easier with the help of technology. Of course, before you jump into it you should always know what you can expect and understand how you can make the best of it. This is why they provide useful insights and articles you can use to improve your life. Have a look at Lifewire here.