Can your iPhone be your professor? Mobile learning explained

In today’s digital world, everywhere we go, people always seem to have a mobile device in their hands, be it a smartphone or a tablet. Data shows that there are 5.11 billion mobile users and 4.39 billion internet users worldwide. So, with mobile phones becoming more pervasive in our lives, it comes as no surprise that they have become the best way to consume content today.

Given this trend, it is a natural progression that mobile phones have become an important part of training and learning worldwide because if you put them in the context of learning, you get mobile learning.

Mobile learning is a new movement that defines learning by accessing and studying content using your iPhone or tablet. It is common knowledge that educational technology has become integrated into education more than ever before. Many schools, high schools, and colleges use laptops, tablets, and even iPhones to teach students more efficiently. Why? Because they are fun, engaging, and lead to better educational results than traditional teaching methods.

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The advantages of mobile learning

Mobile learning is a relatively new movement in the educational system worldwide. Over the last years, it has grown in popularity not only among students but also among educators and policymakers. According to a recent report from Smoothwall, 96% of educators claim that technology has a positive impact on the way learners engage in lessons and learn. Moreover, a staggering number of 49% of teachers claim that technological devices have helped them to be more efficient at planning and giving lessons.

Why mobile learning has proven to be more efficient than traditional teaching and learning methods? How can devices motivate and engage learners better? Here are the advantages that will give the answers to these questions:

Flexibility of time and location- Learning sounds more engaging when you can simply comfortably lay in your bed while studying, doesn’t it? Learning doesn’t necessarily need to happen at a particular time or place. Using a collaborative e-learning environment, the learning process can happen no matter where in the world you are. Learners can access content like videos, podcasts, or books using their iPhone at all times, no matter their location. This way, even those learners who work full-time jobs can take online learning classes on every subject they are interested in, be it history, chemistry, foreign languages or literature, in their free time.

Different types of content for different types of learners- No matter what type of learner you are, using your iPhone, you can find the right learning material you need. For example, if you are a visual learner, it may be easier for you to learn by watching videos and tutorials. On the other hand, if you are an auditory learner, content such as podcasts may be more efficient for you. Either way, no matter what your learning strategies are, using your iPhone, you can find different types of content that will make leaning livelier and more interesting for you.

Improved knowledge retention and information recall- Take a moment and try to remember the last thing you have read in a book. Now, try to remember the last thing you have seen in a video. Chances are that you are able to recall what you have seen in the video a lot easier because this is how our minds are designed. Human minds can understand and retain information seen in images 60.000x faster than written text. Another advantage of mobile learning is the fact that it can provide content that is both easier to understand and to retain.

Unlimited amount of information- Most probably, you use your iPhone at least once a day to search for information. Whether you are searching for an answer to a certain question you bump into during your activity, to check the weather or to look for movie recommendations. Did it ever happen that you couldn’t find what you were looking for? Most likely not because your iPhone is the source of an unlimited amount of information. So, why not using it for learning too?

Your iPhone is the ultimate learning tool

But what if your school or office training strategies still didn’t adapt to educational modern technologies? How can you take advantage of your iPhone to enhance your learning?

Let’s face it, the progress of technological innovations has allowed you to fit your iPhone in your pocket and have information at your fingerprints. So, it can be the only professor you need to learn new things. Let’s explore the best educational iOS apps you can use on your iPhone to learn:


  • Duolingo


If you are looking to improve your foreign language skills, Duolingo is a great free iOS app available in Appstore that can be your language professor. The app has courses for over 30 languages available and comes with a number of features such as personalized learning style, rewards for motivation, and immediate grading.


  • Elevate


Training your brain is the best way to improve your capabilities of learning and recalling information. Elevate is a brain training app that is available in the Appstore, designed to help learners improve focus, speaking skills, memory, and even information processing speed. Elevate provides each learner with a tailored training program that adjusts over time in order to support a better learning process. Performance tracking, daily workouts, workout calendars, and educational games are just a few of the many features available inside the app.


  • TED


Listening to the most intelligent and fascinating people worldwide is definitely an inspiring method to learn. TED app available in the Appstore will help you listen to the most interesting presentations of education radicals, tech geniuses, business gurus, and music legends right on your iPhone. TED app for iOS features a collection of thousands of video lectures from some of the most inspiring people from our world.


  • iTunes U


Do you want to create and experience college courses on your iPhone? Now you can easily do it by downloading iTunes U from Appstore and get access to multiple courses from leading universities and schools worldwide. the app also features educational and audio files that will help you experience college classes right from the comfort of your home.

Your iPhone is a great source of information and educational content. It can be the professor that teaches you in the comfort of your home, whenever you are available, and whatever you want to learn.