The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the right Microsoft Office for your Mac

Transferring documents from Apple-powered computer programs to Microsoft Word can be a tough hurdle for MacBook owners. 

Fortunately, with Microsoft Office for Mac (which comes in various versions!), these hurdles will become a thing of the past. 

This article will help you choose the best Microsoft Office option for your Mac.

Microsoft Office 2016

Using a document from other operating systems outside of iOS in a MacBook was almost incomprehensible. 

Lucky for us, Microsoft Office 2016 came with advanced features that altered how computers could execute their functions. The design itself is light years more advanced than the previous 2011 version.

The most standout feature of this upgraded version is the remodeled layout, which kept its familiar, user-friendly interface that made Office 2011 popular. 

This Office 2016 release gives you a revamped interface which contains advanced features. The text fonts, formula generation, and other components are top notch, which is fitting for a powerful Apple operating system.

It’s Mac-native which boosts the quality of graphics, fonts, and texts.


The 2016 version of Microsoft Office for MacBook has enhanced features which makes it easy for users to use. It has upgraded features on OneNote and Outlook, which are a welcomed change to MacBook users.

The entire package still houses the same suspects, which include Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. The improvements introduced to Microsoft Office 2016 for MacBook makes working with this suite fast, straightforward and clutter-free.

The similarities between the two makes it easy for users who are familiar with Windows to use the Microsoft version for MacBook with little to no ramp-up time.

Not all the properties are similar though. 

It’s common knowledge that the 2016 Microsoft version for MacBook can’t transfer and customize PDF documents. While the latest Windows version is designed to do this better than its previous rendition.

Another contrast between these two versions is that the superior features of PowerPoint for MacBook trumps the Windows’ version in the arrangement of the page. It gives you the power to play around with the general appearance of your PowerPoints in a 3D layout. 

With the Windows Office, content is arranged in a disorganized and outdated layout. But if you’re used to it and prefer it, then you should have no problem. 


The Office Home and Business 2016 boasts of five different platforms, which include Outlook, OneNote, Word, PowerPoint and Excel. 

For the low price of $229, you can buy this package from a Microsoft official website or affiliated dealers. 

The Office and Student versions of Microsoft Office 2016 contains OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. It goes for $149. 

If you’re interested in a Microsoft Office for your Mac that offers extra features, the Professional version is the right pick for you. 

This Pro version has additional programs like Access and Publisher, and only costs $399.Quite worth it if you’re using all these programs on a regular basis.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription service for people who use Microsoft Office on MacBook. 

The defining feature that differentiates it from previous versions of Microsoft Office is its cloud-based platform that includes several programs, including Office 2016.

Office 365 can access any cloud-based Office suites, which actually has more features than if the ones you need to download.

Pricing is flexible and competitive, since you’re able to choose from an annual or monthly subscription.


Office 365 features programs such as the Publisher, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access. 

It’s a big upgrade from all its predecessors with extra features, applications, and tools, so it’s a real bang for your buck. 

This version of Microsoft Office is a stark contrast to the Office 2016, which isn’t as great in terms of designs and features.

Office 365 can be used by a maximum of six people.

To install it, users need to have their own Microsoft account. It’s a security measure put in place to prevent people from abusing it.

If you have more than 6 users, just invite others to join your Microsoft Office 365 platform. It shouldn’t cost you any extra.

While you and your colleagues can simultaneously access the same document to collaborate, this free 1TB storage space in the cloud can’t be accessed by a third-party.

Cloud storage is great for when you don’t want to carry around your laptop or iPad. It’s convenient, smart and easy. 

Microsoft Office 365 also allows the user to make landline calls to Skype users in 60+ countries and skype mobile calls to 8+ countries. You get a 60 minute free each month.

It also has a mail-screening feature that protects and notifies users against hackers, spammers and those who shouldn’t have access. 


Office 365 Home goes for $79.99 annually or just $7.99 monthly.

While Office 365 Personal is priced at $59.99 per year, or $5.99 every month. 

Home supports 6 users and offers several applications such as Publisher, Access, Outlook and Word. Personal has access to the same programs, but only supports a single premium user.

Depending on how many team members you have and how long you think you’d need these programs for, you have the option to choose which package and subscription basis works for you.

Office 2019

Office 2019 does not require you to subscribe to a pre-arranged monthly or yearly subscriptions. There are no premiums associated with Microsoft Office applications.


It has 1TB of space in the OneDrive cloud-based storage. 

This helps with safeguarding your data from hackers and other people who might want to have unrestricted access to your personal information. 

The downloadable nature of Office 2019 makes it ideal for people who are not fans of monthly or annual subscriptions. The only downside is that you won’t get updates with advanced features.


Office 2019 is taxed at the point of purchase and after that, you can use it without having to access the internet to get updates.


Microsoft Office offers a lot of features and cutting-edge technology for the MacBook. 

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