Classic iPhone Games You Should Be Playing

When the first iPhone was released back in 2007, gamers and game developers alike saw the potential it could have to further the industry. Through the years, we’ve been seeing more and more proof that this idea was merited. There are millions of excellent games populating the iOS app store right now, and the gaming community is more than pleased with what the mobile gaming platform has morphed into. If you’re a newbie to iPhone gaming looking for something exciting to sink your teeth in, then here are some classics you shouldn’t miss out on.

Classic Table Games

Nothing beats the thrill of playing a good round of poker, and it seems that most of the world agrees! Classic table games like Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat have been gaining a lot of traction on mobile lately, so if you’re looking to go a few rounds and potentially end up with a decent payout then you can check out this online casino through your iPhone’s browser. Online casino websites offer a wide variety of games that you can play for free or for real money, and combined with the hefty bonuses they offer, missing the chance to potentially win big in one of them is a shame.

Pokémon GO

Back when Pokémon GO was first released, the world went ballistic over the great game mechanics it boasted. Reaching an astronomical number of players, Pokémon GO went down in history as one of the most legendary games to ever exist. While today its player base has thinned substantially, the game is still going strong. With new updates to the gameplay, the Pokémon database, and exciting game events being added regularly, getting to spend some time with the adorable creatures in our AR-enhanced world is simply a treat.

Infinity Blade Series

If you’ve been a fan of iPhone gaming for a long, long time, then you’ve probably heard of Infinity Blade. This RPG is one of the most popular games found on the platform and has been around for nearly a decade now! Players can jump into the skin of a warrior while exploring a vast world filled with monsters, quests, and a gripping storyline that everyone can appreciate! The games in the Infinity Blade franchise are all iOS compatible and seem to be improving with each new release. If it’s an adventure you seek, you know exactly where to turn!

Her Story

Puzzle games have been a big part of mobile gaming since its early days, but no other puzzle game has managed to come close to the great achievements of Her Story. This enticing mystery will pull you in from the start and leave you questioning everything by the end! The game is designed to be as interactive as possible, getting players to sift through hours of police interviews in an attempt to piece together the puzzle. If you’re ready to put your brain to the test and possibly waste hours trying to do it, then Her Story is the game for you.