Apple’s vision and values are paying off in many ways. This week, I’ll look at how that’s happening.

The Week’s News Debris: Apple’s Vision and Values

• Apple has made a nice change to its AppleCare+. It was easy to miss, but Inc. found it. “Apple Quietly Made a Big Change to AppleCare and It’s Very Good News for iPhone Owners.

If you bought an iPhone in the past, you could take advantage of the accidental damage benefit twice before you had to fork over the more expensive cost for replacing your display or back.

Apple did something really quite extraordinary. Moving forward, if you’re paying the $9.99 per month subscription for AppleCare+, you can use the accidental damage repair coverage twice every 12 months.

See the article for some interesting details. And props to Apple for making things better for us.

• I always recommend a periodic personal review of iPhone settings, either after buying a new iPhone or a major iOS update. So I was please to see this very helpful list from CNET : “Have a new iPhone 12? Change these 13 settings right away.” It’s a good list to go through, and it reveals how Apple provides us a good level of control of new hardware,

• Speaking of iPhone 12, we keep hearing rumor about how Apple wants to take the iPhone portless. Here’s a good discussion of the issue. “iPhone 12’s Lightning port may be the next thing Apple kills.” But for good, not bad reasons. Notable:

MagSafe is Apple’s answer to wireless charging for the iPhone 12. But to convince more people to live without a Lightning port, Apple needs to offer a wireless bridge for other wired accessories. MagSafe seems to serve exactly that purpose, opening up possibilities for a whole new world of iPhone attachments that magnetically snap on.

• More on iPhone 12 from Cult of Mac. “Apple may have underestimated the popularity of iPhone 12 Pro.” Perhaps Apple’s spellbinding October 13 event turned a lot of customers on to the dramatic capabilities of the Pro’s camera system and the value of the extra cost.

• Also from from Cult of Mac: Apple wins a technical Emmy for its breakthrough video compression format.

Apple has won another Emmy Award — but, no, it’s not for any of the great shows you’ll find on Apple TV+. Instead, on Thursday Apple was awarded an Engineering Emmy Award for its ProRes video codec, the high quality video compression format Apple developed — which is now standard issue in the movie business.

• Finally, Gene Munster and David Stokman at Loup Ventures provide an astute analysis of Apple’s Q4 Earnings Report and prospects going forward. “Apple Is Stepping Into a New Growth Curve.”

More important than deciphering near-term stock movement is the reality that Apple’s business is stepping into a new growth curve, which is driven by three factors: First, a new normal that could endure for years, in which the company’s products are foundational to working and learning. Second, a three-year iPhone upgrade cycle powered by 5G. Last, the appeal of Wearables is expanding beyond early adopters into mainstream Apple users, as the everyday use cases strengthen. The combination of these factors equates to a digital transformation in which Apple will be a cornerstone.

It’s a fascinating discusion and summary of how Apple’s vision and values are paying off in these difficult times.

Particle Debris is generally a mix of John Martellaro’s observations and opinions about a standout event or article(s) of the week followed by a discussion of articles that didn’t make the TMO headlines, the technical news debris. The column is published most every Friday.

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John:   It’s great to have the continued pleasant diversion from the stresses of these times, not simply the current election season in the USA, which has the world in wrapt attention – given the stakes with global ramifications, but the rapidly accelerating transmission of the pandemic in the West just as influenza season sets in, and health providers and policy makers scramble to respond in a climate of resource uncertainty, and this viral spread is tracked in parallel by an infodemic of both misinformation and disinformation that undermines those responses. It reminds me of a line from ‘Untouchables’ in… Read more »