Resolve to Back Up Your Mac in 2017

To add a backup disk (or a second disk), click Select Disk… in the Time Machine System Preferences pane.

Page 2 – Single Point of Failure for Mac Backups, Testing, and Redundancy

Single Point of Failure

That being said, I recommend you buy and learn additional software. Why? Because even though I have two Time Machine backup disks, I worry about having a single point of failure. For instance, Time Machine failing or any disaster that vaporizes (or burns or drowns) my office and its contents.

To avoid the dreaded single point of failure, I also use Carbon Copy Cloner to create a bootable clone (exact duplicate of my startup disk that can be used to boot another Mac in an emergency) every night, as well as to back up my massive media libraries weekly.

Carbon Copy Cloner clones (backs up) my startup disk nightly and my media folders weekly.
Carbon Copy Cloner clones (backs up) my startup disk nightly and my media folders weekly.

I use BackBlaze ($5/month for unlimited storage) to back up everything Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner back up to the cloud, providing yet another redundancy, just in case.

Finally, I keep a set of backups (including a recent clone) in my bank safe deposit box and update them several times a year. Again, just in case.

[Editor’s Note: I read Bob’s Mac OS 7.5 for Dummies that came with my PowerComputing Power 100 back in 1995. In that book, he advocated making daily backups on floppy disks—keep a rolling 7 days worth, thank you—with weekly backups taken to your safety deposit box. 😂 – Bryan]

Test Your Backups

Regardless of what hardware or software you choose, it’s vital you test your backup system by restoring a test file or files every so often. If your backup system is not working as expected, your backup system is worthless.

Redundancy Rocks!

I’m a little nuts about my redundant backups, so I feel I’m covered against almost any eventuality that might befall my data. But, what about you? If your office and its contents—including your backup disk or disks—were vaporized tomorrow would your precious memories be gone? If you thought about that for more than a second, please resolve to backup your precious data in 2017. I know I sleep better at night knowing my data will survive almost any eventuality or disaster… So will you.

and that’s all he wrote…

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Backblaze is probably the single best thing I ever did in the last year. $50 for a whole year so basically 2 months free. People spend more than $5 a week at Starbucks, so having a great offsite backup solution is a no-brainer! You will have a hardware failure sometime and you never know when.

Just do it!