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I love getting a deal on tech products almost as much as I love sharing great deals with you, gentle reader. Today I’d like to call your attention to a pair of great deals I’ve come across recently.

Affinity Photo (and more) for Half Price!

The first deal is from Affinity, creator of Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher and other fine apps for visual content creators. Last year in response to the pandemic, Affinity began offering 90-day free trials of its software and reduced app prices 50%.

The good news is that you can still download 90-day free trial versions and get 50% off the apps (as well as 50% off all other content in its online store); the bad news is that this deal expires on June 30.

Put another way, you can pay $24.99 (each) for a lifetime copy of Affinity Photos, Affinity Designer, or Affinity Publisher (Mac or Windows) before June 30, or you can pay $49.99 after.

Any questions?

Apple Products for Less

I’m sure you’ve noticed that Apple products rarely go on sale and most of them cost about the same regardless of where you buy them. Today’s second remarkable deal are Certified Refurbished Apple products, which can save you hundreds of dollars on most Apple hardware products. Whenever I need any Apple product, I shop on the Apple Refurbished and Clearance page first.

All Apple refurbished products are “like new,” and include the same 1-year limited warranty as new devices. Refurbished iOS devices include a new battery and outer shell, and all refurbished devices include all appropriate accessories, cables and operating systems. They’re also eligible for AppleCare and include free shipping and free returns.

Sadly, when I needed a new M1-powered MacBook Air last week, there were no refurbished models available that met my needs (16GB unified memory and 1TB SSD). Since I couldn’t wait, I (gasp) ordered it new and paid list price (for the first time in recent memory).

Apple’s inventory of refurbished products is updated regularly throughout the day, so if you don’t find the exact color or configuration you desire today, look again later today or tomorrow. Or, if you don’t mind waiting for one that meets your needs precisely, visit the Refurb Tracker website to set up a free email alert that will notify you immediately when a refurbished unit with the appropriate specifications is available.

I wish I could have waited. I paid $1,649 for a brand-new MacBook Air last week because I needed it immediately and there were no refurbished ones available at the time. Today, a week later, I see refurbished MacBook Airs with the same specs as mine for $1,399 ($250 less than I paid). Ouch.

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