Useful Utilities (and How to Get a Deal on Them)

This week I’d like to highlight a handful of valuable utilities I use to make using my Mac better, faster, or more elegant. Then, I’ll explain what these (and more than 200 others apps) have in common and how you can get a great deal on all of them.

App Tamer

First up is App Tamer, which lets me slow down or stop apps that use too much CPU — I’m looking at you Safari and Chrome — before they slow down my Mac. Although I usually have Activity Monitor running, I typically don’t notice I’m running out of CPU until things slow to a crawl. But App Tamer notices and fixes it automatically by slowing down or quitting the recalcitrant app.


Bartender is the app I use to keep my menu bar organized and useable. I have more menu bar items than fit in my menu bar, so Bartender lets me determine which are visible at all times and hides the others until I need them.

CleanMyMac X

Another app that helps my Mac maintain peak performance is CleanMyMac X, which includes numerous features for speeding up and optimizing my Mac’s performance. Its Space Lens feature is the best thing I’ve found for tracking down large files, even if they’re invisible System files, and its ability to scan my Mac for “Large & Old Files” is almost as useful.


CleanMyMac's Space Lens makes it easy to hunt down space hogging files.
CleanMyMac’s Space Lens makes it easy to hunt down space-hogging files.

I run its entire suite of checks and fixes at least once a month.


Paste is still my favorite clipboard history manager. It saves and recalls every item I copy or paste for the past day, week, month, or forever. It also lets me organize items into pinboards—folders for saved clipboards. Paste stands out for its slick user interface and large, easy-to-distinguish previews.


My favorite Clipboard History utility is this one—Paste.
My favorite Clipboard History utility is this one—Paste.

Still, its killer feature is real-time iCloud syncing, which enables me to see and use every item I’ve cut or copied on my Mac on my iDevices and vice versa.


Finally, Screens is the app I use to control my Mac remotely using my iPad, iPhone, or another Mac. Many remote-control apps are available, but I find Screens the most reliable and easiest to use (and I use it often).


So, what do these five utilities have in common? The answer is that you can use them all (and more than 200 other apps) with a Setapp subscription. Setapp, which I refer to as “the Netflix of Mac apps,” lets you install and use any or all of the 230+ included apps for just $9.99 a month.

Take advantage of the free one-week trial, and you’ll see why I love and recommend Setapp.


App Tamer. $14.95. St. Clair Software.

Bartender 4. $15.00. Surtees Studios, Ltd. 

CleanMyMac X. $34.95. MacPaw. 

Paste. $1.99/month. The Paste Team.

Screens. $29.99. Edovia, Inc. 

Setapp. $9.99/month. MacPaw. 

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