2 thoughts on “iOS 12 Will Be Wicked Fast

  • I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ve done with the Shortcuts app and how much of my WorkFlow stuff will continue to function. The Shortcuts app isn’t included in the current build, but I await it eagerly. 🙂 As for memoji, why would I need them? I’ve got a poop emoji, a unicorn emoji, and more… what else could one man need? 

  • Nice summary, Bob.

    Now that my kids are technically adults (with emphasis on the word, ‘technically’) they won’t be a primary driver of my enjoying Screen Time.

    The two features I am looking forward to, apart from the speed and the app feature parity with iOS for the iPhone, include Siri shortcuts and group FaceTime chats. The latter may be a game changer for teleconferences with colleagues who own iOS devices when Skype goes buggy and not everyone has apps like Go-To-Meeting.

    I was underwhelmed by the personalised Memoji (didn’t look that much like HairForce One during the demo, although TC’s did look somewhat him). Not sure that I even want a Memoji, but as the capacity improves, I suspect that iOS will be able to convert your actual face to a true Memoji in time.

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