Here Are My 3 Favorite Apps I’ve Been Using in 2021

favorite apps of 2021

Here we come to the end of another year, and as always I like to share my favorite apps I’ve been using. These aren’t necessarily ones that were released in 2021, but the ones I’ve been using the most and deeply appreciate. These aren’t listed in any particular order.

The Mac Observer‘s Charlotte Henry shared her favorite apps here.

1 – Coinbase

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has surged this year. Coinbase is probably the most popular exchange in the U.S. and the one that I use. Once you link a debit card or bank account you can buy, sell, and swap hundreds of coins. You can choose to keep them with Coinbase or transfer them to a wallet, perhaps a hardware wallet such as Ledger.

screenshot of coinbase app

2 – BookBub

BookBub is a great app for readers that lists all of the latest eBook sales. I check it every day for new deals. Once you create an account you select the genres you’re interested in, such as history, fantasy, thrillers, and more. But the entire list of categories is inside the app, so you can explore them at any time.

screenshot of bookbub app

3 – SimpleLogin

SimpleLogin┬álets you create email aliases that forward your emails to a main account. I prefer it over Apple’s Hide My Email because you’re not locked into any particular ecosystem, and SimpleLogin is open source. With a free account you get 15 aliases, and the app offers a subscription for unlimited aliases and other features.

screenshot of simple login app

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