6 Awesome Products Apple Will Ship in 2019

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In March, Apple got the iMac update out of its system. Previously, Apple shipped needed updates to the Mac mini, MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. Those remaining with good prospects in 2019 are the Mac Pro and an update to the iMac Pro (launched in late 2017). The MacBook looks to be a product whose time has come and gone.

Here are six Apple product that I think will ship in 2019 and set the world on fire.

1. Mac Pro

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the Mac Pro will ship in 2019. (And it must.) The reason it’s taking so long is, I believe, because it will be based on the powerful A13 chip. To read more about the phenomenal A13, see: “What we might expect from Apple’s A13 chip.”

I think we’ll see a base model with perhaps twin A13s and higher end models with more A13s that effectively make it a low-end supercomputer.

It’ll likely be previewed during WWDC 2019 to wow us, (just as the 2013 Mac Pro was) then ship later in the year when macOS 10.15 is ready.

2. 6K Display

Likely coming earlier is Apple’s 31.6-inch, mini-LED, 6K display that’s been widely rumored and discused. See: “Apple 6K Display: Price, Release Date for the Luxurious New Display.

Apple may be gearing up to unveil some hardware as part of its Worldwide Developers Conference being held [starting] on June 3. This is according to some rumors that Apple will take the opportunity to debut a luxurious new 31.6 inch 6K display as part of a tease for the revamped Mac Pro.

3. Updated iMac Pro

iMac Pro with an Apple logo and a lock
iMac Pro due for update. Image credit: Apple.

It’s time to update the iMac Pro. Not just because it’s been so long since December, 2017 but also because the 2019 iMac is now just as fast. See Jason Snell’s “2019 iMac review: The best of a bygone era.

Lance Ulanoff, who was recently on Background Mode, thinks Apple is waiting for the Mac Pro release. That’s when both Macs go A-series and both are announced together with much fanfare. Even if both Macs stay with Xeon CPUs, updating the iMac Pro along with the release of the Mac Pro makes for an impressive combo for technical professionals to select from.

4. macOS 10.15

We’ve heard lots of juicy rumors about macOS 10.15. It’s a watershed OS that wil no longer run 32-bit apps at all. It’ll be well tuned for Marzipan apps. It’ll have standalone Music, TV+ and Podcast apps. Lately, we’ve heard about the “Sidecar” project. “Apple planning Luna Display-like desktop extension feature for macOS 10.15, codenamed ‘Sidecar’.”

… the new system will have a feature that allows users to send any window of any app to an external display. The external display can be an actual external display connected to the Mac or even an iPad.

I think the Mac Pro and macOS 10.15 will be an explosive combination for technical and creative professionals.

5. iOS 13

It looks as if iOS 13 is finally going to be unleashed from the shackles of its primitive origins as an iPhone OS and start to really exploit the hardware. 9to5Mac has details. “iOS 13: Dark Mode, detachable panels, Safari and Mail upgrades, undo gesture, volume HUD, more.

Now, people familiar with the development of the operating system have shared exclusive details with 9to5Mac.

This is an excellent article. It looks as if iOS is finally going to reach the expectations and yearnings we’ve had for years.

6. Lower-Cost HomePod

Apple HomePod
Apple’s HomePod smart speaker must face the music.

Apple has had to drop te price of the HomePod. That’s a terrible sign. I think Apple is sizing up the response to this price drop. If that falls flat, I think Apple will roll out a $179 model. The HomePod is in the Twilight Zone of smart speakers. It’s too expensive for what it does as a smart speaker and its smart speaker performance remains behind Alexa. Its sales reflect that, and a less expensive model is the only way for Apple to save the product and save face.

That’s how I think some of the major product announcements for 2019 are going to go. Of course, I haven’t addressed the 2019 iPhone, 5G or Apple TV+ prospects (in light of the Disney+ news). That’s for another day.

2 thoughts on “6 Awesome Products Apple Will Ship in 2019

  • I clicked on the headline hoping John Kheit had written this article. 🙂
    Happy to read John M, of course, but had hoped for more er… colourful optimism of the Kheit variety.
    While I value the realism of John M’s predictions and hope they come true…

    How about we bring Touch and Pencil to Mac and stop trying to dumb macOS apps down to iOS capabilities. iPhone and iPad can be what they’re meant to be… for people who don’t want a computer. There’s billions of them and the cheapest iPads are the biggest sellers. Stop trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    Apple would then need to make an education priced Mac, which goes against the current religion, but would be the best thing Apple could do for itself. Overpriced and over powered iPads, under-capable due to a necessarily limited phone operating system, do nobody any good in schools. They lack the one fundamental thing every child needs to learn – (file) organisation.

    Likewise, Marzipan is for developers short on resources to write a Mac application as well, not the lazy way for Apple to save development time and dumb down macOS. If there’s one place I wish pundits were wrong (but knowing Cook’s Apple – Do Less With More), it’s that Apple won’t short change macOS by developing more Marzipan apps instead of Mac applications.

  • Time Machine 2 supporting APFS disks and complete (sort of) APFS documentation including details about writing to APFS disks, so that Alsoft can release DiskWarrior 6 to rebuild directory of APFS disks. Until then, no update from macOS 10.12 Sierra.

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