What Will it Take for Apple to Break Up With Facebook?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

A Wall Street Journal report talks about more abusive behavior from Facebook. Some health and fitness apps were found to immediately share health data with Facebook, even if you don’t have a Facebook account.

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That’s the worst part of the report. Even if you don’t have a Facebook account, the company sucks up your data anyway. For what purpose? Selling it to insurance companies? Or just plain old ads?

Here’s a hilarious excerpt:

Facebook said some of the data sharing uncovered by the Journal’s testing appeared to violate its business terms, which instruct app developers not to send it “health, financial information or other categories of sensitive information.” Facebook said it is telling apps flagged by the Journal to stop sending information its users might regard as sensitive. The company said it may take additional action if the apps don’t comply.

Translation: Stahp giving us this information guys! Can’t you take no for an answer? *whispers Just kidding, give it to us precious.*

One company called Flo Health Inc., which makes a period tracker app, flat out lied in its privacy policy. Its privacy policy says it doesn’t send “information regarding your marked cycles, pregnancy, symptoms, notes and other information that is entered by you and that you do not elect to share” to third-party vendors.” When in fact it was doing that all along.

Privacy Policies

That’s the soap box I’ve been standing on. Aside from supporting an American GDPR, I think we need to overhaul privacy policies. They need to spell out exactly what a company does with our data. Facebook isn’t mentioned in these policies, but get our data anyway.

Umbrella phrases like “third parties” and “We collect analytics” shouldn’t be used to hide sins. I want to know the exact companies that will make money off my data. Policies also need to have a non-jargon version so people can understand what’s going on.

Enough is Enough

I’m so pessimistic nowadays. When will people say enough is enough? Or are we too numb? How many times does Tim Cook have to mention “human rights” while letting Facebook on his platform?

I realize that aside from Apple suspending Facebook’s enterprise certificate, it probably doesn’t want to mess too much with a billion dollar company. But I think Apple needs to take a stronger stance, and it has the power to. Apple is the gatekeeper, and companies pay it to let them sell products.

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7 thoughts on “What Will it Take for Apple to Break Up With Facebook?

  • Stupid, ignorant question: An app that sucks up data whether open or not doesn’t violate some rule of Apple’s? Is Facebook doing anything that the screen time apps that just got shut down we’re doing? Can’t believe Facebook is less abusive than they were…

  • I am dismayed by how little people care about FaceBook’s travesties. Privacy violations and its threat to democracy seem to matter not, Sharing intimate details about their lives is exactly what people appear to want. On one hand, people supports Apple’s position on privacy, yet they don’t seem troubled by FaceBook’s abuses. IMNO, FaceBook just needs to be legislated out of business. Period.

  • If Apple breaks ties with Facebook, only Apple will suffer. Most Facebook users would leave the iOS platform because they’re addicted to Facebook. Facebook gets stronger by the day despite stealing personal data or data breaches. The company’s profits are huge because advertisers love Facebook. Tim Cook just doesn’t get it. Consumers aren’t upset or angry with Facebook. They’re not concerned about privacy. All they want is a free service and virtual friends to socialize with. Tim Cook is wasting his breath while he should be doing something to make Apple great again. Facebook has far more growth than Apple and also valued much higher by Wall Street than Apple is. Tim Cook might as well just give up his privacy and security campaign. Almost no one is listening to him because they’re too busy having their daily fun-time on Facebook.

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