Apple CEO Tim Cook Barnstorms France, Tweets from Normandy War Cemetery

Tim Cook at Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial

Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted photos from his barnstorming tour of France on Monday, including a somber photo at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. The series of tweets also included visits to an Apple supplier (Eldim) and two French app developers (CoachGuitar and MyLittleParis).

Normandy, Where the U.S. Got Serious about Crushing the Nazis

In my mind, there is little doubt that Tim Cook’s recent spate of publicity photos in Iowa, Austin—and now France—are part of a coordinated effort to raise his profile. By which I mean he’s thinking about a run for political office. The inclusion of this photo from Normandy adds a little juice to that notion.

For fun (maybe), check out some of the replies to his tweet where people ask him to run for President.

Apple Operations in France

That said, Mr. Cook could simply be mindful of the reality he is the CEO of the world’s most valuable company. I’ve pointed out repeatedly that this means politics and Apple will increasingly intersect, and visits to local politicians and Apple’s own global operations whenever he’s traveling are good PR, period.

Take the next three tweets, which are windows into Apple’s partnerships and developers. 10 points to Ravenclaw (because that’s Mr. Cook’s house, for sure) for the French. Another 10 points if Siri helped him with the translation.

4 thoughts on “Apple CEO Tim Cook Barnstorms France, Tweets from Normandy War Cemetery

  • Hm, I dunno, I have definitely sensed what Bryan describes, too. He is very publicly political, and very publicly entertains politicians that don’t necessarily have anything to offer Apple. I suspect he’s headed in this direction as well. I have a difficult enough time supporting him at Apple, it would be impossible for me to support him in public service. It is his prerogative, nevertheless.

    1. Agreed. As far as I’m concerned the jury is still out on TC’s tenure at Apple. Only history will show if he’s done a good job over the long haul. But if he runs for office I see little if any chance of my voting for him. CEOs are not suited for elected office. The skillset is wrong.

  • Yea we totally disagree on this Bryan. Constant ribbon cuttings and baby kissing PR events that have nothing to do with the company are a distraction. I really dont care what his thoughts on WW2 are, I care a lot more why he’s not paying attention to the mac. If he were otherwise doing a great job and the company was firing on all cylinders, I would care less, but since he cant seem to find time in his busy schedule to not ignore an entire base of fervent professional users that saved the company from oblivion, I’m going to say, maybe he should do more sight seeing of the development lap than touristing around on shareholder money.

  • I mean he’s thinking about a run for political office.

    He’s far too intelligent to do that.
    Business people are singularly and specifically NOT suited to politics. They have exactly the wrong background, experiences, and temperament for elected office. The only business people who ru for office do so to further their business. They don’t go in with the right attitude.
    Tim Cook is smart enough to know that in Congress, or any other elected office, he’d be a fish on the moon. Completely out of his element and frustrated at every turn. That environment would be utterly unsatisfactory for him. He knows there’s many places he can contribute far more than elected office. He knows he’d just beat his head against that wall and leave in disgust.

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