Apple Steps Up Its Game at ISTE 2019 Edtech Conference

Apple upped its game at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference this week, highlighting the creative capabilities on iPad and promoting their Everyone Can Create collection of educational resources. While Apple has had a presence at prior ISTE events, the company made an obvious effort to increase the number of educators who could get into its display and get their hands on Apple technology.

The annual ISTE Conference wrapped up yesterday in Philadelphia. The 4-day event hosts tens of thousands of educators from around the world alongside representation from the largest tech companies and newest edtech start-ups. Apple had a refreshed representation this year, offering a 30-minute immersive classroom experience to attendees over standard ticketed sessions.

Entrance to Apple Booth at ISTE 2019

The space-themed Pop-Up Classroom aimed to showcase the creative capabilities of iPads with attendees having the option to select from 6 different learning experiences.

Apple Activities at ISTE 2019

Visitors were provided with an iPad and choice of Apple Pencil or Crayon and, taking on the role of student, were ushered into a briefing room. The capabilities of Apple Classroom were demonstrated as attendees were shown their workbooks and given instructions. Following this, 20 minutes were provided to explore the activities, which was sadly not enough time to try everything. Educators were provided with a copy of the Pages workbook to use in their classrooms and a stylish Apple Teacher Badge.

Apple Music Interactive Station at ISTE 2019

Alongside the classroom experience, Apple also offered conference attendees the chance to add to an interactive mural in the Grand Hall, while the Apple Distinguished Educator community hosted interactive activities in one of the Playground areas of the conference.

Apple Interactive Mural at ISTE 2019
Apple Interactive Mural at ISTE 2019

For a someone who doesn’t typically utilize these tools in the classroom, I was pleasantly surprised by their capability and impressed by the overall experience. Apple had an army of incredibly helpful representatives delivering a very personal experience that would appeal to many educators. The choice to host a pop-up classroom this year will have seen far more attendees experience Apple technologies compared to previous years where tickets for sessions were difficult to obtain.

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