Apple Intern Open Letter Echoes Complaints of Google Intern James Damore [Update]

[Update: This article has been edited to focus on the broader context of Avi Agarwal’s open letter to Apple, rather than analyzing the content of the letter itself. – Bryan Chaffin, Editor-in-Chief]

Someone claiming to be an Apple intern has posted an open letter on Github. Avi Agarwhal says he has become “increasingly disenchanted” during the six months he/she has worked at the company due to Apple’s diversity efforts, and making a comparison to the complaints raised by now-fired Google intern James Damore.

The letter was posted on or around October 24 but has since been removed. What I’m linking to is the archived version from


To put it in perspective, James Damore is an ex-Google employee who wrote a controversial memo about gender and diversity programs at Google. He argued that Google’s diversity programs were discriminatory against white males, and that Google should focus more on ideological diversity,.

Now Apple is having its James Damore moment at a time when America seems to be more politically divided than ever. Silicon Valley does tend to skew liberal, but that in and of itself can still lead to friction in the work place. And it demonstrates that issues companies like Apple are trying to improve are complex and fraught with peril.

I reached out to Apple for a comment but received none. If they do reach out to me I’ll update this article.

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4 thoughts on “Apple Intern Open Letter Echoes Complaints of Google Intern James Damore [Update]

  • Umbrage is our national religion. If someone is no aggrieved for something someone said or is doing, then we don’t seem to be happy. Sometimes it’s just better to suck it up, buttercup!

  • Another pile of rubbish by Mr Orr. The topic, the absence of factual information and your added innuendo make this trash. You really do embarrass the Mac Observer with the trash you write and try to pass off as legitimate reporting. What is the point of this article ? How does this offer any value to an Apple customer or to a Mac Observer follower. Again Mr Orr lowers the bar and bores us with his bias and lack of importance. Go Andy ! You are MO’s comic strip….

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