Apple Offers Animated Look at Yaks, Waste, Breathing Buildings, and Artificial Sweat

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Apple has put out four videos that take an animated look at yaks, zero-waste initiatives, a breathing building, and making artificial sweat. Each focuses on a different aspect of Apple’s global environmental efforts for Earth Day, which takes place on April 22nd, 2017.

I love these spots. They’re fun, easy to understand, and informative, too. Apple’s environmental efforts have been epic, and Apple should toot its own horn. It’s a powerful message when the planet’s most profitable company makes epic strides in the environment.

John Kheit and I argue about these videos in episode 7 of Pop.0 (warning: profanity abounds).

Of Yaks

The first piece features Lisa Jackson, Vice President of
Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives. She tells us about Apple’s effort to develop dual land uses for solar farms in China. In particular, at least one solar farm was elevated to leave enough room for yak herds and the grass they eat.

Zero Waste

Apple’s efforts to bring zero waste to landfills is part of that epic effort I mentioned above, and one where Apple puts other companies to shame. In this video, John Reynolds in iPhone Product Operations tells us how that started.

Breathing Buildings

I personally believe Apple Park is going to be hailed a modern architectural wonder. While that’s for a lot of reasons, this video talks about how it was designed to regulate its internal temperature in a way Apple likens to breathing.

Making Sweat

So it turns out Apple needs 30 gallons of sweat per year to test out Apple Watch and straps. Who knew, right? This video explains that the company makes its own artificial sweat for testing.

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