Apple has two new commercials out promoting iPhone 7 Plus’s Portrait camera. That’s the two-lens camera unique to iPhone 7 Plus that allows photographs to have a shallow depth of field (meaning a blurry background and sharp foreground). The pieces explain in very simple terms what Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus does for a photo.


The first spot is called Soulmate, and I love it. As shown below, it features a dog as the subject of a photograph. With Portrait mode, the commercial stated, you have the difference between “housemate” and “soulmate.” I approve of this message. 😍


The second spot—Creek—is aimed a bit more towards parents. It’s still the same message, but the message bringing the point home is that, “A photo of a kid in a creek becomes a portrait of youth in nature.”

Both spots are good. More importantly, both spots do a great job of explaining depth of field without ever saying anything like “depth of field.” They’re short, pithy, and deliver something technical in a remarkably untechnical way. I call that solid.

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