Apple Removes 15-inch MacBook Pro for Sale

When Apple introduced the 16-inch MacBook Pro on Wednesday, the company pulled its 15-inch predecessor from the market. I’m adding this to my growing pile of evidence that Apple cares about the Mac again, as the 15-inch MacBook Pro was introduced just a few months ago.

MacBook Pro Ordering Options

Apple announced the 16-inch MacBook Pro via press release, and immediately made it available for sale. It, and the 13-inch MacBook Pro also announced earlier this year, are both available for order now. As of this writing, you can get delivery of the 16-inch device as early as November 18th (4 days from now).

But, as noted by iMore, Apple pulled the 15-inch model from its online store at the same time. It wouldn’t have been unreasonable for Apple to keep the 15th-inch unit available, perhaps at a slightly reduced price.

This kind of rapid turnaround for the Mac product line is very encouraging. That Apple bothered to goose the 15-inch device just six months before it new it would be releasing a replacement 16-inch device is even more encouraging. For a company that got in the habit of going years without updating Macs, this feels like the company getting back to its roots as an innovative maker of computers.

One thought on “Apple Removes 15-inch MacBook Pro for Sale

  • Yeah, it’s great…except for those of us who bought a 15″ thinking that the 15″ would hang around and the 16″ would be a more expensive option. And with my custom 15″ config (32 GB RAM, 512 GB), I would have even saved $200 with the 16″ because 512 GB is standard!

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